Call On Your Inner Peace

Discover the benefits of sound therapy in Boise, ID

Reunite your body and mind and find ways to relieve stress at Salt Sanctuary in Boise, ID. You can participate in hands-on self-care methods, like:

Guided meditation - Being able to relax your mind and clear your thoughts is often the best way to reduce stress and anxiety that you feel daily. Follow along on a guided meditation that shows you how to reunite with your breath, release muscle tension and sit in the comfort of mental rest. Guided meditation can show you how to practice self-meditation when you need it.

Crystal Bowl Sound Immersion or Sound Bath - No water or swimsuit required. Sound healing is an ancient practice. This is a soothing, therapeutic experience. Come be surrounded by the reverberating sounds and vibrations of crystal bowls to help help ease you into a peaceful and mindful state of being. Crystal bowls resonate at a frequency that affects the physical body. The sound and vibration of the crystal bowls can lull you into a peaceful and mindful state of being. Sound can facilitate a shift in the mind and body, helping to release stuck energy and thoughts. Allow the magical notes to wash over you, clearing your mind and body of heavy or "stuck" energy. Most experience a deeply relaxed state with greater clarity of thought.

If you've taken a yoga class and said the word "om" together with the other class members, you have experienced Kirtan in its simplest form. Kirtan is essentially the rhythmic repetition of words, phrases, or syllables. Because it occupies your mind to chant or sing the sounds, it stops your normal train of thought and clears your mind. When adding halotherapy as a simultaneous therapy it allows us to meet together as a community in a safe environment.

Kirtan combines music and mantra - words and sounds that vibrate at the highest level of awareness. It is an effortless and joyful way to meditate. You simply let the music and mantra do the work for you.
It's not so much a performance as it is a journey into the Self - through the practice of listening and singing.
Due to the unique and almost sterile environment of the salt room during a halotherpay session, it is a safe and beautiful space. Limited seating due to COVID restrictions.

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