Call On Your Inner Peace

Discover the benefits of sound therapy in Boise, ID

Reunite your body and mind and find ways to relieve stress at Salt Sanctuary in Boise, ID. You can participate in hands-on self-care methods, like:

Guided meditation - Being able to relax your mind and clear your thoughts is often the best way to reduce stress and anxiety that you feel daily. Follow along on a guided meditation that shows you how to reunite with your breath, release muscle tension and sit in the comfort of mental rest. Guided meditation can show you how to practice self-meditation when you need it.

Sound therapy - It is thought that your organs and brain cells all vibrate at their own frequency and those frequencies can be disrupted to cause illness or unrest. With this ancient cultural practice, vibrational medicine can resonate within your body and allow for healing at a cellular level. We use Crystal Bowls and Tibetan Chimes to ease stress and anxiety, improve diet and increase mobility and function.

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