What should I wear?

Come as you are! No special clothing or body type required. Dress to relax in comfortable, clean light colored clothes. If you are seeking relief from a skin condition, if possible, dress in clothes that allow skin exposure. Hair is to be pulled back. Sock booties for will be provided for your feet. No shoes or bare feet are allowed in the treatment rooms. Please bring a sweater or your own blanket to stay cozy. Due to COVID-19 we had to remove our yummy blankets.

Why do I have to arrive early?

Every session begins exactly on the hour, so it is very important that all guests arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of their first session for time to get oriented in the space and get settled in the treatment rooms. Due to the nature of the therapy, once the doors are closed, they must remain closed for an effective therapeutic treatment. It is critical that the concentration of aerosolized micro particles of salt remain at the required level for the the treatment to be effective. For this reason, we cannot open the door for late arrivals, but will be happy to reschedule you for the following session if space is available.

Are there side effects?

The vast majority of people do not experience any negative side effects of salt therapy. Sleep quality increases, stress levels reduce, to name a few of the positive side effects. One may experience some sneezing, a bit of a dry throat, increased coughing or runny nose as your body works to expel any buildup inside your respiratory tract. The salt works like a gentle sponge and a toothbrush inside your lungs. It is beneficial to drink some fresh water after your Halo session.

How much does it cost?

Your first Halo is 35$ for a 45 minute session, your second Halo is on the house. (You're welcome!)

Subsequent visits are 35$ per session.

Children 2 years of age and under are free with their accompanied paying caregiver. Space is limited in the Children's/Family room. Please reserve before coming in to avoid disappointment.

Packages and Gift Certifictes are available.

  • Immunity Boost 5 sessions $150 / $30 per visit
  • Wellness Repeat 7 sessions $175 / $25 per visit
  • Total Restore 10 sessions $200 / $20 per visit
  • Study Buddies 2 students 2 sessions $50 *Please call ahead to reserve the room
  • Private Room available $45/ per visit

Isn't too much salt bad for you?

Ingesting too much sodium by eating or drinking has been linked to high blood pressure, which can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Halotherapy does not have this effect because the salt does not enter the stomach and metabolize in the digestive system to impact the heart and kidneys. Because you are inhaling the salt into your lungs, it enters the body through the respiratory system, and will not contribute to hypertension. The concentration of salt during a session is 1-3 milligrams per cubic meter. The amount entering the respiratory system is very low. If you ingested this amount of salt, it would be well below, by thousands of milligrams, the daily recommended amount for the average adult and would have no detrimental effect on your body.

What should I expect my first time?

You should expect to enter a clean, healing and meditative space which is designed to relax and help you feel comfortable. You'll check in at the front desk and then be shown to the space to leave your shoes or other items. Please leave your cell phone in your vehicle, no electronics are allowed in the treatment rooms. You will be provided with a clean pair of sock booties. Upon entering the halotherapy room, you'll have your choice of our comfortable chairs and at the start of the hour, our halogenerator will begin releasing microparticles of 99.95% pure salt into the air in your treatment room. This is a quiet meditation or restorative time for all guests. It's the perfect venue to catch up with dear friends or co workers.

Is salt therapy covered by insurance?

Halotherapy is not covered by health insurance in the United States at this time, but may be considered a valid expense under your HSA flexible spending plan.

Is salt therapy safe for pregnant women?

Yes! Many pregnant and nursing women experiencing rhinitis, sinusitis, and allergies would prefer to avoid usage of OTC medications. Salt therapy is a gentle and effective alternative for women who would prefer a calming and natural approach to address these conditions without passing any medication to their babies.

When should I avoid halotherapy?

If you are experiencing any of the below, you should not attend a halotherapy session.

  • If you have smoked anything within 2 hours of the appointment

  • A fever within the last 14 days

  • Acute respiratory disease

  • Chronic obstructive lung diseases with Stage 3 chronic lung inefficiency

  • Congestive heart failure

  • Intoxication

Existence of cancer
Any infectious disease
Cardiac insufficiency
Cardiac and coronary diseases
Coughing of blood/bleeding
High blood pressure/hypertension in IIB stage
Any form or stage of tuberculosis
Chronic kidney disease
All internal diseases of decompensation

Please consult your healthcare provider with any concerns.

How many sessions will I need?

Every body will respond differently. The number of recommended sessions will be vary depending on your body and any conditions you are trying to address. Some people experience immediate relief from symptoms after their first visit. As this is a gentle therapy that works with your body, multiple sessions are most beneficial to start with. Our suggestion is that you schedule multiple sessions in sequence. For example, for an ex-smoker, the recommendation is 14 days in succession to start to feel the benefits of clearing the lungs.

Is salt therapy safe for children?

Yes, it is safe for children! Children respond very quickly to halotherapy. Infants must be one month old. The only children who would not be safe in a halotherapy session have advanced critical and severe health issues. Halotherapy has proved to be an incredible adjunct healing therapy for Cystic Fibrosis, Asthma and Allergies. Regular and consistent Halotherapy helps children to breath better, manage respiratory conditions and prevent against the common cough and cold.