Absolutely love this place. I left feeling so refreshed and relaxed. My lungs felt so clear and I felt at peace. The setting is perfect for this experience. Great staff too! Highly recommend salt sanctuary. No complaints

- Emily S.

This was my first experience with Halotherapy & I absolutely loved it. The owner, Christina is so knowledgeable and creates a very warm and inviting atmosphere, especially for first timers like me! Every time I leave I feel extremely refreshed and like a new person. I've had the opportunity to do the sound immersion as well, and it was such an amazing experience. Their staff is incredible and so knowledgeable, I've brought my friends here with me and they loved it! I would recommend this place to anyone in Boise.

- Ailsa H.

I had my first Halotherapy session this morning and was very impressed. I spend a lot of time at the ocean and this provides a similar rejuvenation effect, the taste and smell of salt permeates the air and the positive energy soothes the soul. The 45 minutes provided ample time to pray, meditate and connect to source. Thank you Christina Baylis for your expert care and providing such expert service.

- Eric R.


I recently had a 90 minute massage from Christina, and I have to say it has to be one of the best massages I've ever had. I would highly recommend Salt Sanctuary!

- Patrick M.


I absolutely loved my experience doing Halo-therapy. The owner, Christina, is very inspiring and knowledgeable about respiratory wellness. The rooms are beautiful, serene, and calming. I came out feeling refreshed and peaceful. I will definitely be back!

- Julia F.


I've visited several salt therapy studios and this one is by far a favorite. The studio is well appointed and beautifully set up. The rooms are VERY spacious and designed for the most relaxing and comfortable experience. I can't wait to try the private room with amethyst bio-mat and a massage! Halotherapy is such a great way to support our bodies this day and in this environment; so excited to have this in Boise! Will be back with the family soon!

- Nina W.


Absolutely the best I've felt in months after my treatment. Halo therapy was what I needed for my allergies. A totally clean environment too!

- Phil C.


Very cool space. Very relaxing. Recently moved here and have lingering respiratory issues from living somewhere else. By the end of my first visit I felt a "clearing". I even felt the effects throughout the next several days. It was awesome!

- Crystal M.


I've done multiple family sessions at the Salt Sanctuary and the whole family absolutely loved it! We searched for buried gems and coins in the family salt room while getting our respiratory system revitalized! It's such a warm and inviting space, and we'll definitely be back soon! Thanks SS!

- Ollie M.


Christina is incredibly welcoming and knowledgable about this very beneficial practice. I really enjoyed talking to her before and after my session. You won't be disappointed with the space either. It's beautiful and very relaxing.

- Tyler W.

Leading You to Better Health Naturally

Discover the benefits of Halotherapy and Massage in Boise, ID

Taking care of yourself is key to leading a long, happy and healthy life. If you're dealing with chronic respiratory issues, anxiety or ongoing skin conditions, consider the benefits of Halotherapy and massage.

Salt Sanctuary in Boise, ID offers Halotherapy (or dry salt therapy), skillful massage, sound therapy and guided meditation to optimize health and well being. Using all-natural products, these relaxing sessions can ease skin conditions and increase lung function.

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What if someone told you that all you had to do to feel better was breath in a room of salt? At Salt Sanctuary, you can experience all-natural therapies that promote overall health and wellness.

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Relax in our state-of-the-art salt rooms and benefit from the anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of salt.

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Himalayan salt massage and halotherapy are holistic methods for reducing stress, improving sleep quality, soothing skin and lung conditions and improving your overall health. Simply breathe in clean, salt air and refresh your mind, lungs and body.

Salt Sanctuary has a beautiful, tranquil, meditative salt room surrounded by Himalayan salt walls. Pharmaceutical grade salt is heated and then pulverized and distributed into the air of the treatment rooms as an aerosol. The particles are so fine they can reach into the deepest parts of the respiratory tract, penetrating deep into your lungs and skin. This invigorates the entire body to aid breathing and improve your quality of life.

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At Salt Sanctuary, we're dedicated to helping you boost your immune system and protect your respiratory health. Our rooms are clean and sterilized and allow for appropriate social distancing at all times.

We want to help you relax your mind, too. That's why we've created a sanitary and soothing environment that encourages you to forget the world around you and focus on your respiratory health.

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